Yue Building, built in the Tang Gaozong show a years (AD 656 -661 years), has been more than 1350 years, with Yellow Crane Tower, Pavilion of Prince Teng, Yueyang Tower famous cultural buildings of the Tang dynasty. Look East, West Fullerton (Hill) blue (Temple), South vision (South Mountain) tower, North 9th (Science City), near Kueishan Ju Fu River water is better than no more than just mianzhou.
The completion date of the building was built since the Tang Yue, the world of literati huihaopomo, had come in a throng, countless ages from classical poems to poets, poems of Yue Lou poems up to more than 150 articles, especially in Li Bai's poem ":" upstairs "dangerous hundred foot, hand can pick the stars, dare not loudly language, people fear the sky." The great poet Du Fu, "Yue Lou song": mianzhou state where Lei, Wang Xian Qing years Vietnam; northwest city high-rise buildings, according to Zhu Meng town green. Downstairs the Yangtze River Baizhang, sunset Hill semi round Ming; old people enjoy the king, turn to see the long years." The Song Dynasty, Lu You "Deng Yue Lou": "as the river hundred feet floor, leaning against the railing as the sunset River in autumn. "No Gan, then decline Weng live, biped still can step Kyushu" and other poems, known all over the world. Tang, song, yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties painter also has exquisite pictures depicting the king building, so some scholars called Yue poetry as "the world the first floor of building". Yue Lou had a number of damage after reconstruction. At the end of the Tang Dynasty and early Song Dynasty, Yue Building a fire destroyed most of the Yuan Dynasty, the Ming Dynasty carried out the large-scale repair, reconstruction also once, but a fire in the Ming Dynasty will be completely destroyed, only Yue taiwan.